Deddington Tennis Club
Windmill Centre
Hempton Road
Deddington OX15 0QH

Set in the lovely North Oxfordshire village of Deddington,
this friendly club is open to all, regardless of standard.
The club offers: club nights, league tennis, coaching and
social events for young and old.


The Singles Ladder is back
(the previous ladder results are here)

This is your chance to get back into competitive Singles Play at Deddington.

Anybody can enter and it's free.

There is no specific end date but it will finish when people seem to be bored and have had enough : )

You will receive a monthly update by email.

This is how the scoring works.

  • If you win and are higher ranked than your opponent you get 20 points added to your previous point value.

  • If you win and are lower ranked, you get the value of your opponent's points - plus 20 points, so "leap-frogging" your opponent.

  • If you lose you get 1 point for each game that you win.

To enter please  me

If you need HELP! it's here

Here are the current entries and standings

Or you could click here to see them in full detail (including all results and match comments)

To enter please  me

If you need HELP! it's here