Deddington Tennis Club
Windmill Centre
Hempton Road
Deddington OX15 0QH

Set in the lovely North Oxfordshire village of Deddington,
this friendly club is open to all, regardless of standard.
The club offers: club nights, league tennis, coaching and
social events for young and old.


Deddington Singles Tournament

We are pleased to announce the first One Day Deddington Singles Tournament

Sunday the 25th of October starting at 10:00 a.m.

Entry is free and and it's open to any club member

Awards to third place!

Enter now, minimum of 8 players with a maximum of 12

The format is as follows

  • every player plays every other player in a game consisting of 16 serves/points

  • racket spin decides server and choice of ends

  • server serves 8 consecutive serves (normal second serve changing sides [not ends] between serves)

  • players then change ends and opponent does the same (i.e. 8 consecutive serves with normal second serve, changing sides, [not ends] between serves)

  • normal scoring doesn't apply (i.e. no 15, 30, 40, deuces or tie-breaks etc.)

  • players score one point for each point won and their total score determines your end position

Enter now, minimum of 8 players and maximum of 12

 Just  to enter or text/WhatsApp 07860 305552

safety info:

There will be a tube of new balls for each court

If anyone is concerned by this you can bring your own marked balls to serve with that nobody else will touch (or you could wear a protective glove on your ball hand)

To be extra safe try not to touch your face and wash your hands afterwards

Please everyone take note of club recommendations and restrictions regarding safety arrangements