Deddington Tennis Club
Windmill Centre
Hempton Road
Deddington OX15 0QH

Set in the lovely North Oxfordshire village of Deddington,
this friendly club is open to all, regardless of standard.
The club offers: club nights, league tennis, coaching and
social events for young and old.


Deddington Covid Singles Ladder - HELP

1.   Click here to login using email and password sent to you in your registration email . . .
(if you forget your password click here to reset)

2.   Click 'View'

3.   Click 'Contact Players' to arrange a match

4.   Arrange your match and book a court

5.    Enter your result by clicking 'Enter New Match'

6.    regarding scoring, it may be tough to squeeze in
       three (or even two) sets so just agree scoring with
       your opponent (*)

Any queries please  me


* e.g. you could agree to:

a) just play one set and use that score
b) alternatively play until the hour is up and use an
    aggregate score like 10-4 (n.b. 10 is maximum
c) play 2 sets until the hour is up and use both set scores
    like 6-4, 3-1 (n.b. a draw is not possible)